A Culinary Extravaganza in Great Britain’s Most Extravagant City – London

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A Culinary Extravaganza in Great Britain’s Most Extravagant City – London
Apart from being one of the top choices in any European tourist’s vacation plan due to its diversity of visiting site, London can also boast with its sophisticated cuisine. Over almost 20 years, the great capital of the United Kingdom has witnessed the influence of different cultures throughout thousands of immigrants coming from all parts of the world.

Pointing out a mix of national culinary traditions and foreign types of gastronomic delicatessen, London has become, alongside an evident tourist attraction, also a perfect location for bon vivants that know how to appreciate food at the level of a work-of-art.

Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are just two of world-known personalities that have impressed with their gastronomic skills and have offered a pinch of their magical tastes in their high-profile restaurant. Those who see London as a future tourist destination might worry about airport to city transportation but by just visiting 365airporttransfers.com you can find a taxi Gatwick to London in no time.

The capital of United Kingdom has so much to offer when it comes to sightseeing, museums and urban effervescence. As exaggerating as it may seem, the diverse cuisine is also one of London’s attraction, as it covers restaurants with culinary specifics from 70 different countries.

Once you have decided to hop on a plane to Great Britain though, there are a few things you should get ahead of. Firstly, you may want to know that getting from the airport to the city-center is easy as pie: taxi Gatwick to London would solve transportations issues.

Secondly, there are rules about when and what to eat. British people really put a high price on reputation, therefore any tourist should know a thing or two about the hours at which the main meals of the day are served. For instance, breakfast is served from 7 until 9 a.m., while lunch takes place from 12 to 1.30 p.m. and dinner starting with 6:30 p.m. And don’t forget about the five o’clock tea.


When it comes to specific British dishes, the main courses are usually the same: the breakfast consists of two fried eggs, a small sausage, a slice of ham, mushrooms and beans, all of these served on one plateau, alongside bread and an optional cup of coffee. However, other menus also include chicken, stake or ciabatta with onion, in the form of easy-to-take sandwiches. Lunches are that consistent, given the fact that locals usually are on work break at 12 p.m. and don’t find the time to eat something spectacular.

Therefore, British are used to order take-away meals in order to save time. Dinner is considered the most important meal of the day, providing a menu that includes curry, rice or pasta, replacing the good old meat and eggs.

Finally, tourists in London can experiment the famous 150-year British tea serving tradition in any bar, pub or restaurant. Most frequently, teas isn’t served alone, being mixed with milk and accompanied by the traditional brownies, cookies, cakes or lemon pies.

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