Do You Need Other Reasons to Quit Smoking?
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Do You Need Other Reasons to Quit Smoking?

You are young and still in a great shape, your lucky grandfather has smoked his entire life and is soon turning eighty and feels reasonably well – all those warnings about how cigarettes ruin your lungs and increase your chances of having a stroke are not really that touching.

Online articles are pretty convincing, but still, you are fed up with people telling you that you have no respect for your body and that you will regret having smoked one day. If that is indeed what you think and how you feel, maybe you would like to see this problem from a different perspective.

If you want some ideas of getting rid of this nasty habbit you should read  .

First of all, even if it is still a medical related issue up to a certain extent, take into account the fact that smoking can have a serious negative impact on your emotional and psychological health. There are so many ways in which this habit can affect your daily state of mind. On the one hand, researchers from different universities around the world have arrived to the conclusion that smoking enhances the risk of becoming depressed.

Nicotine can actually change the way in which your brain works, making you more prone to depression. Moreover, the fact that it affects your blood flow is of great relevance from this point of view: it can give you headaches, make you sleep bad, affect your sex life, and decrease your concentration power. You might be under the impression that you become more relaxed when you light a cigarette, but smoking can actually make you more anxious on the long term.

On the other hand, smoking can affect your relationships with the most important people in your life. In many cases, non-smoker parents, girlfriends or boyfriends or simply friends can become a real nuisance for smokers, and only out of concern. Their worries or their disappointment is certainly leading to unpleasant discussions and alters your relationship.

After all, you choose to go on with this habit and your action says something about your personality. Have you ever thought that the smoker’s role doesn’t actually suit you? Have you noticed that it can make you look, if not actually be angrier, less concerned with yourself and others, more disrespectful? Try to watch yourself smoking in the mirror and decide if that is who you really want to be.

The fact that you are thinking to quit smoking – otherwise, why would you be here – can be really stressful in itself. What better way to get rid of that stress than taking a final decision and simply do it: quit this habit that gives you so many headaches – literally and figuratively.

The only thing that you need is determination: whether it is the guilt that you feel about all the money you spend on cigarettes instead of other things or whether it is the shame you feel when your parents or when your non-smoker friends see you light a cigarette, explore that negative feeling and turn it into something positive, into motivation and determination.

If you know why you want to quit, if you find the right perspective, it will not be easier, but you will be more determined to take this step and throw away that packet.

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