Fox sisters – a trip in the early supernatural and spiritualism
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Fox sisters - a trip in the early supernatural and spiritualismFox Sisters are three women in New York, who lived in the 19th century and have played an important role in the creation of spiritualism which has now become a paranormal phenomenon considered a multi quackery.

Leah (the older sister who lived between 1814-1890), Margaret (1833-1893) and Kate (1837-1892) Fox were considered mediums in the mid 19th century, using hammering as representation of this spirit which they channeled managed in this way to fool people. Leah, their greatest sister was tricked in turn by her younger sisters and, after a few years, became their manager, women enjoying success as mediums for many years.

It all started when younger girls Margaret and Kate were 15 and 12 years, the family living in a house that was believed to be haunted. The family often heard knocking sounds and objects fell on the floor, not knowing what they are, but Margaret later admitted, in 1888, that the two girls were linking apples with string and attach them to the wall and they allow to knock or drop apples on the floor to make strange sounds.

The two girls have developed a code of knocking which was ” yes ” and ” no ” and that could provide answers of ” spirit ” that invaded the house. In just a few days in 1848 all the neighbors knew that younger girls of Fox family could speak with spirits. Girls had called the spirit as Mr. Splitfoot, a nickname given to the devil, who later would have said he was killed five years ago and he was buried in the basement. Although initially people have found only some bones in the basement, in 1904, nearly 10 years after the death of the last remaining sister in life, was found a corpse in the cellar wall under their house.

After feat Fox sisters, neighbors began searching for criminals of people who had lived Pops before the house, finding a man named Bell, whom all life was isolated by them from community after they concocted a story according to which he had killed his son years ago and his body would be found in the basement.

Daughters Margaret and Kate were sent to other family members during those macabre searches and then reached the Post family home, a couple of radicals Qakeri who later became the initiators of spiritualism. Post family believed strongly in the possession phenomenon and spiritualism and preached to all acquaintances of Quaker worship, helping them both in promoting their mystic talent .

In 1850, the Fox sisters became famous in New York as a result of public spiritism sessions that attracted prominent men of the company then. After their success, hundreds of people claimed they can talk to spirits. Although there weren’t only supporters Maggie and Kate managed to become known mediums, even though many reviewers tried to reveal them.

After a not very successful personal life and an attempt to Margaret’s husband to attract her to catholicism, after his death, Margaret returned to spiritualism in 1876, moving with Kate, now living in England. Kate went for the first time in England at the invitation of a wealthy banker to make spiritism sessions for influential people and has founded a family there.

Kate was considered a powerful medium that wasn’t produced only hammering but spirit lights, automatic writing and managed to appear spiritualized hand . In addition, she could make objects move. She was appreciated by many people, although there weren’t few who believed that it is a fraud.

But Kate and Maggie have developed alcohol problems and came to fight with their sister Leah and other leading spiritualists. Margaret began to believe that she had devilish powers and returned to catholicism to wash her sins. Kate seemed that she couldn’t grow properly her boys and in an attempt to hurt their older sister Leah, Kate and Margaret have revealed secrets in 1888 in New York.

Margaret testified that pops were made by their thumbs from toes and the one who has learned them this, is Leah. Maggie declared against spiritualism and said that what her sisters did their entire life is nothing but a quackery. A year later, Maggie tried to withdraw her confession, perhaps at the pressure of her sister Kate, who wrote from London being unhappy . In less than five years, the two died in abject poverty, being deserted by friends and relatives, buried in the tombs for poor.

Mystery of the corpse in the cellar.

Although the story of the Fox sisters was largely covered by spiritualists, they continued his work and denying the said Margaret and signed, stating that spiritualism is a mere quackery, in 1904 in their childhood home was discovered that gruesome detail could turn their story. After the fall of a false wall in the basement was discovered skeletal corpse of a man, possibly their spirit haunted house.

A box of the person buried there was found and is now in the museum of Lily Dale. After some research it was concluded that the bones present in the box, were animal bones not just of people, becoming an extension of charlatans sisters. In addition, the wall that was a remnant of the expansion of the foundation and not an attempt to cover a secret grave.

Although they began their career at a young age, Fox sisters remain impregnated in history through their spiritualist, even if they are now isolated and unrecognized spiritualist guild. Their death in miserable conditions after a controversial life can be considered a well-deserved reward if the two had been lying the whole life. Do you think the story of the Fox sisters is real and that they could even talk to spirits?

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