Industrial property is a sucessful investment
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Industrial property is a sucessful investment
When making an investment there are two things that usually go through our minds: first ,why to invest in a certain field and the second, will it be profitable? Most of the times these two simple questions, instead of triggering answers arise a few more especially if the investment is about to be done in our beloved country, Romania.

Nevertheless, if someone takes a look “behind the scenes” and is really interested in what our market has to offer, surprisingly there are as many possibilities as anywhere else in the world: land market, retail market, residential market,office market, industrial property market and many more.

Although the first seem to be more appealing especially to foreign investors, be prepared to find out that industrial properties generate the most revenue in a top of assets based on returns and this should be the number one reason to start such an investment and, as industrial property for sale in Romania offers are abundant, feel free to initiate the process. If not convinced yet, just take a look on and at least one offer should meet your demands .

As mentioned before, industrial property regarding returns is very volatile and the reason for which they tend to be relatively high is that thay have a  greater vacancy risk. For example, a factory may be vacant for years waiting for the right investor of for the economy to improve  and are built for specific purposes such as building, let’s say furniture, or manufacturing or assembling products.

If a manufacturer goes broke or moves, it could be a while before another manufacturer or businessman can be found to use the purpose-built premises. Anyhow in terms of total return of the investment, industrial assets rank second after retail, but before offices and cash. In the past 10 years, industrial properties in the Euro zone have generated an average gain of 7.8% per year, compared with 5.5% for the office and retail sector 6.2%.,the situation shown as improving ,may also be applied to Romania.

Investors should focus more on industrial assets in this period. The biggest advantage is the good rate of income that can be considered more as an investment type in bonds. Analysis in industrial property for sale in Romania shows a rising importance in an environment of low interest rate, in bond type components regarding property benefits from industrial market.

Of course investors look forward to safe investments. In the current economic environment, institutional investors tend to allocate assets and portfolio decisions towards “defensive”, assets  meaning, those whose future performance is supported primarily by contracted or guaranteed incomes and not potential growth.

Income-oriented investors who prioritize regular payments in cash and no capital potential gains should consider industrial properties. Such investors may need income to cover expenses, while others may have a preference for income covering total return of investment, based on the fact that it is less risky than the damping through potential capital gains.

Those who want total return on investments want to have a maximum return for a given level of risk or minimize risk for a given level of return.  Industrial property aquisition ranks second among the types of properties depending on the total return of the investment, the first place being occupied by the retail sector.

Third position in this ranking is equally occupied by office property and cash, followed by bonds and dividends. Last but not least the level of atractiveness towards this type oh property is raising. The industrial segment was preferred by 20% of investors despite the previous years, when the preference was less than 14% of them. Consequently these should be a few good reasons to invest in industrial property, so far.

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