Why is Bristol one of the coolest cities in UK ?

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Why is Bristol one of the coolest cities in UK ?
There is no doubt that Bristol is one of the greatest cities in Great Britain. Being the most populous city in Southern England after London, its size is one of the key factors that makes Bristol a cosmopolitan city without being flat and uninteresting. Its culture is urban by excelence, having a music and art scene on its own. Its original music and explosive nightlife is internationally notorious.

Plus the fact that it’s pretty close to the seashore, Bristol is a must-see tourist destination for young people. So why don’t you check out some online hotel offers and book a plane ticket? If you’ll want to head to London afterwards, I recommend you 365, an operator that offers  taxi transfers from Bristol.

Bristol is known for its graffiti scene and is also the place where Banksy, the famous and anonymous graffiti artist began its controversial activity. His art works cover the walls all over this city. In 2011, the centre of Bristol was home to Britain’s greatest street art project, where many graffiti artists contributed in making the bleak concrete walls of several buildings shine in a more artistic manner. We are talking about huge pieces of art that can be very impressive!

The “M Shed” museum is one of the newest attractions that assumed the role to tell the story of Bristol’s history. Along the artefacts of this museum, one of the things that captures the most attention is the “human skin book”. In 1821, John Horwood was sentenced to death for killing Eliza Balsum. His skin was used for making the cover of a book that details the murder.


The Glenside Hospital Museum has a collection of bizzare objects like padded cells and ECT machines. The old Bristol Asylum for Mentally Ill was located on the same site. Today, the museum offers a strange but fascinating insight into the psychiatric treatment over the past century. Visiting the museum is entirely free and it’s supported by volunteers.

As I said before, the nightlife in the city of Bristol is one of a kind. A first option to start the night would be at The Canteen in Stokes Croft. Once you arrive, they offer you a free soup starter while you make up your mind regarding what to order.

There is live music every night and the food is absolutely delicious. Keep in mind that you have to arrive pretty early to find a seat, for this canteen is quite trendy and one of the busiest in town. Afterwards, you can head for Mr Wolf if you’re in the mood for dancing. A good place to spend the rest of the night would also be Thekla, a club on a boat, or The Apple, famous for its strong cider drinks.

Last but not least, Bristol is the birthplace of trip hop music. Internationally famous bands like Portishead, Massive Attack or Tricky are from Bristol, the city that blended acid jazz, hip hop, dub and drum and bass and gave birth to one of the coolest music genres in the underground scene. Bristol has many live music venues like Colston hall or Bristol Music Academy, making it one of the most urban culture oriented cities in Europe.

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